Let’s talk about the word SENIOR…

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Let’s talk about the word SENIOR…

Why don’t we love calling ourselves seniors?
Why are companies tiptoeing around it and using phrases like “elder adults” and “older adults”? 🤔

Well, maybe we should be asking:

Why is everyone that IS targeting seniors using boring, grey-blue marketing and only featuring pictures of caregiving??

Why has society painted seniors as people simply sitting around, needing to be taken care, with no more individual interests – even though technically we are classified as seniors once we turn 60?!?🤬

A typical advertisement for “seniors”, with the typical grey-blue color that the world has decided is THE color for seniors…

In an article recently published by Fast Company, Why marketing to seniors is so terrible, they go into detail about how about just how offensive and condescending marketing to seniors truly is.

In every other use of the word senior, it is used as a compliment or marker of higher status.

Take in the work place for example: a Senior Marketing Manager is in a higher position of power than both a regular Marketing Manager or a Junior Marketing Manager.

In fact, in the dictionary, one definition of senior is holding a high and authoritative position.

Despite the positive connotations that the word senior has elsewhere in society, because of the way they have branded seniors, we have been turned off and are averse to using it at all.

I don’t know about you, but I am SICK of letting society tell me what seniors are.

I am 67, I am a senior, and I have plenty of hobbies and interests, and none of them include being cared for night and day by a nurse…and they definitely do not involve a monotone life lived out in grey-blue color schemes!!!

I don’t know about you, but I am SICK of letting society tell me what seniors are.

So you know what – let’s tell them what senior means.

Senior means having the freedom and flexibility to learn new hobbies, try ziplining for the first time, take up aerial yoga, indulge in our fashion addictions, & truly live life to the fullest ANY way we want.

Senior means ziplining in the Mexican rainforest…

Senior means having wisdom from traveling difficult roads, meeting fascinating people, and climbing huge mountains to see the glittering valley below.

Senior means hiking with your friends on a Sunday morning to enjoy the fresh air & sunshine…

Senior means knowing what you want and having the freedom to do that – and there are NO RULES. 💥


Senior means leading a Halloween Line Dance Class with costumes just for fun…

Senior means pink, green, yellow, orange – NOT boring lifeless colors!🌈

Let’s take back the word senior. It’s ours. It’s time we show the world what it means.

Don’t let them call you senior. MAKE them call you senior. 😏

What do you think? You wanna join me in being a #proudsenior?? Post your pics in the comments with the #proudsenior hashtag and tell me what you love about being a senior and we will include them in a future post!

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2 thoughts on “Let’s talk about the word SENIOR…”

  1. Yes! Yes! Yes! Let’s turn the visual of being a “rocking chair senior” into a colorful and active “senior human”! One of high status and wisdom! Thank you for the thought-provoking topic on “senior”.

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