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Aging & Life


Renewal Through Decluttering

Let’s talk good old-fashioned spring cleaning! Back in the day, our grandparents always did a big deep cleaning when spring came around. They didn’t just

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Playground Fitness

In the whirlwind of a busy life, finding time for exercise often slips through the cracks. But the approaching warm weather means more time outside,

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Garbanzos for Health

We’ve all heard of cholesterol–but what is it exactly? Mayo Clinic describes cholesterol as a waxy substance found in your blood that your body needs

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Home Body Detox

Now that the holidays of indulging are behind us, let’s explore how to cleanse our bodies for the coming year. Have you ever heard of

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Clean Eating Cookies

In the last post, I talked about intuitive eating. It aims to foster a positive relation with all food, including eating and enjoying foods that

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