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Life often throws us a curve ball and knocks us down. Sometimes it hurts so bad that we don’t think we can get back up. But YES, YOU CAN! We are going to take those curve balls and challenges and use them to build character and strength in us so we can be overcomers.

The main thing about Alive, Fit & Free is lifestyle. I know I keep repeating it, but it’s so important and so true. We aren’t just about fitness. We are about how to weave wellness into your life by making it simple, enjoyable, and fun until it simply becomes second nature. And part of that is our mental and emotional wellbeing. No matter how well we eat or how fit we are, if we neglect to pay attention to our thoughts and emotions… we might be healthy and we might be fit, but we will not be ALIVE or FREE!

For many years, I had been healthy and fit. It wasn’t until about 15 years ago that I first started to be aware of and then letting go of old patterns in my life that had kept me bound up by fear. Fear of what others would think of me. Fear that I might do something wrong. Fear that someone might get upset. But mostly fear that if people really knew the me that I kept locked up inside then they wouldn’t like me. 

I never felt like I fit in and was constantly trying to put myself under the rules of others, always trying to fit into the “box.” But the most amazing thing happened. I discovered that I was never supposed to be inside the box! I am not a box person. I was made to flit and flutter! So guess what? I BURNED THE BOX!!!

Can you just imagine how incredibly free I felt? For the first time in my life, I could finally flutter! Literally, I felt like I was let out of a cage. I know that my feet were 2 feet off the ground and sometimes they still are. I discovered who I was, how God made ME, and how special I am in his sight. For the first time in my life, I accepted who I was. I learned what my passions are, what excites me, and what drives me. And now, I am here living my passion, sharing with you how to be alive, fit, & free!

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