Senior Fitness Program

"Line Dancing has improved my balance and I look forward to it. It has also improved my breathing. Vickie has a great talent for explaining the steps and motivates us."

Shirley C. - Senior Resident, Phoenix, AZ

"Line Dancing with Vickie has been so great for my ability to move and walk without my walker. It also helps in my balance. Vickie is a very caring, warm person and she inspires me to keep moving." 

Helen L. - Senior Resident, Phoenix, AZ

Individual Clients

"I am pleased to attest that you have been an excellent coach for me these past 12 or more months. You have been a patient & interested listener - listening to what I say and what I don't say. You have given good advice about exercise, diet and supplements - all geared for my 'advanced' age of 59 years. You have understood my concerns, issues, problems and addressed each one with humor and compassion. You have praised my efforts and encouraged me to make greater efforts to achieve my goals. I highly recommend Vickie as your personal health coach."

Pat C. - Tucson, AZ

Adaptive Wellness Program

"Thanks for all of your help today. I am so excited to get started.  I have been trying to get back on track. I just haven't had the motivation or the support. I thought you were very helpful and upbeat. It really got me motivated. Thanks a bunch.

Now I know I will be sure to get started!! I know I need to start eating a little healthier so this is awesome for me. I even went home and got me some fruit to take back to the office. "  

Dawn - Peach Springs, AZ

"Ms. Vickie Aigner has really helped me and my community through health awareness coaching. In our community, Vickie has awakened a culture that is not used to thinking about their health and is inspiring people to improve their lifestyles to really make a difference in the quality of life. 

People usually don’t think about their health until they have a problem.  Vickie has helped us to think about it and work on our health so that we are less likely to have a problem.  She has been a great blessing to us all."

 Kerry C. - Peach Springs, AZ


"Vickie’s background is in fitness, herbal and natural medicine and life motivation. Her passion, enthusiasm and creativity for helping others be fit from the inside out” through Alive, Fit & Free stems from her many life experiences that have given her the strength and desire to help others discover and reach for their goals."

Dr. Jack Barnathan - NY