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New Year’s Dreams & Passions

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Happy New Year!! 

I like the whole celebration and meaning behind the “New Year”, don’t you?

It’s like we have a chance to step back and take a look at how far we’ve come in the last year, to reflect on our growth and resilience. I don’t know about you, but 2021 was a tough year! Let’s take the time to celebrate ourselves and all of our wins!!

The “New Year” is also a time to start over, all shiny & fresh, with a clean slate to create whatever we want.

I personally don’t like the word “resolution”. It makes me feel like ugh – something that I have to do because it’s good for me! I find NO joy at all in that word and it certainly won’t motivate me to reach and aspire for something new in my life.

I much prefer dreams & passion! If I have a dream and I’m passionate about that dream, I am going to work towards that something that I want to do, to be, or to have. Simply being passionate about a dream will motivate me to go after it!

So my challenge is Dare to Dream!

Here are the steps YOU can take to go after your dreams this year!

  1. Take five: Gather a pen and paper and get away by yourself for some reflection. Ask yourself what you really want, to do, to be, to see, to accomplish or explore this coming year. 

  1. Write it down: Yep, all of it, no matter what it is or how simple or extravagant might seem. It’s your dream!

  1. Think on it: Take some time to mull it over and add to your list for a few days until you have it down. Remember, you can always add more later. As you do this, some things will seem to gain more energy and really jive with you.

  1. Top picks: Pick out 3 or 4 things that you feel the most passionate and excited about!

  1. Elaborate: Now add details to those things your picked. See & feel yourself in a place as if they already happened.

  1. Make affirmations: Words are powerful! Turn each one of those dreams into a positive affirmation. Start it like this: “I am so happy and grateful now that…”

  1. Daily question: Every day, ask yourself this question – “What can I do today, where I am with what I have, to move forward towards that dream?”

Now take the first step and go live that dream!

What is one of your dreams that you are most passionate about in 2022? Share in the comments below!

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