Cultural Wellness Consulting

Through her company, Alive, Fit & Free, Vickie provides expert Cultural and Corporate Community Consulting and Coaching locally and globally with the desired outcome of Community Transformation and Enhanced Wellness. Her revolutionary approaches are based on cutting edge scientific backed information, the latest techniques, a crisp and clear vision of each client’s needs, her innovative approach to wellness, simple to implement, fun and effective methods that produce lasting results.

Vickie has designed the Alive fit & Free Cultural Wellness Programs with an emphasis on improving the health of the members, lowering blood sugar rates, lowering blood pressure and cholesterol, increasing physical activity, lowering insurance claims and preventing health risks by educating, coaching, creating participation incentives, providing community-wide challenges, community gardens, community-wide food projects, and collaborating with other health-related agencies within the community for a larger impact on tribal members. She raised the Wellness program participation in one community from 6% in 2008 to over 60% in 2013. Vickie researched, designed, spearheaded, led and directed a Native Food Project for the Hualapai Nation, in Northern Arizona for 30 people based on their specific dietary needs, incorporating foods that would help to lower blood sugar levels, cholesterol and high blood pressure, measuring and recording results during the 30-day project.

The Alive, Fit & Free Method provides the following services into but is not limited to:

  • Development and implementation of health and lifestyle education and promotion programs with a focus on a natural approach to healthy lifestyles which include, workplace challenges, incentive programs, videos, presentations, seminars, workshops, community gardens and community food programs, weekly newsletters, blogs, customized fitness and natural eating programs, self-development programs and Wellness Coach Certification Programs  Organizing of Wellness teams within community departments consisting of team leaders who work closely with me and their respective members, thus involving them in the transformation process
  • Partnering and network with other community agencies and departments to collaborate on community improvement and transformation
  • Encouraging, motivating, learning from and sharing with other leaders and cultural members while gaining a knowledge and respect for the culture and the traditions therein.
  • Monitoring program effectiveness by tracking and recording data pertaining to individual health and participation as well as overall community participation, insurance claims and improvement of health through Annual Health Risk Assessments
  • Evaluating and adjusting programs that are not effectively producing the results necessary
  • Collaborating with other global professionals and experts to formulate the most effective models for Wellness within Cultural and Corporate Communities
  • Consulting with Cultural and Corporate Community leaders to collaborate on Community Transformation and Enhancement needs and project development.

Consulting is done onsite with Vickie coming to your location to explore your community and get a sense of who you are. Virtual coaching is also available as a means of communication. 

Vickie is available as a consultant, guest speaker for workshops, seminars, retreats, Lunch & Learns, business lunches and training events, health fairs and for leading and participating in community wide events.