Caju To You!

I never knew cashews grew on trees, until my recent trip to Brazil.


The Caju trees are native to the coastal regions of Brazil.

I was so surprised to see how the nut grows on the end of the fruit, called the “Caju” apple. 

The juice from the apple is a traditional Brazilian delight, and is made by grinding the fruit in the blender with some ice a to make an amazing healthful refreshing drink!



The “apple” is high in vitamin C, helps to strengthen the immune system.

The juice is also used in preparing sweets, sorbets and liqueurs.

Even the “raw” cashews we get in the store are lightly steamed to neutralize the toxic liquid surrounding the nut.

Cashews are an excellent source of vitamins and minerals like vitamins E, K, B6, copper, phosphorus, magnesium, zinc, selenium, iron and antioxidants.


Polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats found in cashews and other nuts are valuable to help manage your weight and reduce the build-up of fat and cholesterol thus protecting the heart. The fats found in cashews are also high in Vitamin E which is a powerful antioxidant that encourages cell growth.

Cashews may be beneficial to help protect against heart disease, cancer, lowering blood pressure, improving eye sight, weightloss, and helps to prevent diabetes. The copper and iron work together in helping the body form and use red blood cells which then keeps blood vessels the immune system, nerves and bones healthy.


The cashew leaves have been used traditionally in healing wounds.

Although it can cause skin irritations, the peel of the cashew has been used in the treatment of cold sores and throat infections.

The wood of the cashew tree is valuable for use in construction and carpentry.


Indulge, Enjoy and Elevate your Health!



A Luxury Lifestyle


“Your Collective Culture”









I want to touch on this word luxury today…

When I say “Luxury” what is the first thing that comes to your mind?

What do you sense?

What do you feel?

What do you see?

Often when we think of Luxury, we think of very expensive items…

A Rolls Royce, a large Diamond, an extravagant over the top lifestyle that only a select few entertain.

And while all of that was certainly true, the definition of luxury is shifting.

Remember when I spoke to you about the new era we are living in.

Within our Collective Cultures, our people are not just looking for monetary compensation… they are looking for rich, meaningful life experiences.

I want to challenge you to see luxury in a new way…

I want to introduce you to luxury as a lifestyle, an experience that all of us can participate in daily…

Luxury is looking at life around us and taking the time to enjoy the beauty we see.

It is creating pleasant experiences out of ordinary everyday tasks.

For instance…

Take time for a relaxing bath, light candles, add a few drops of essential oil to the water and sit back in the tub with a good book instead of hopping into a quick shower.

Instead of grabbing a snack and eating out of the container at the kitchen counter, how about arranging your snack on a nice plate, sit down and take the time to savor and taste your food unhurriedly?

My youngest son and I got into the habit of having afternoon tea or coffee in a china cup with a saucer. It was fun, and created a special time as we sat down and enjoyed our afternoon treat.

If you are dining by yourself, set a nice tray with a carefully arranged plate of food, fold your napkin in a new way, maybe even grab a flower to adorn the tray if you have one close by…

Or how about treating yourself to a fresh bouquet of flowers for no reason at all but just because it makes you smile?

How about allowing yourself some time in nature just focus and breath, relax and gain clarity for the day ahead of you?

Luxury is an experience and the more we focus on enhancing those mundane activities in our daily life, we can find creative ways to make them luxurious.

Luxury carries with it an attitude of gratefulness for the life and moments we have.

It becomes an adventure to find ways to create luxury experiences and soon, it can become a part of our Collective Culture and that is what we are looking for…

To enhance your vibe and energy by serving those in our communities and drawing others to us.


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