Alive, Fit & Free: Adaptive Wellness Programs

What is adaptive wellness?

Adaptive wellness is fitness and health that adapts to your abilities, whatever they may be. We believe that every person should have the chance to be the star of the class and that wellness is not done best in a one-size-fits-all model. We work with groups to create tailor-made classes for unique physical abilities, mental abilities, and everything in between. This allows every person to meet their wellness goals, and no more sitting out for certain exercises that weren’t tailored for you.

We specialize in wellness programs for communities and individuals that are traditionally excluded from health and fitness classes. This may be associations, organizations, corporate clients, individuals or any type of group that wants to work with us. We provide our services in person, online and virtually, or in a hybrid bespoke model.

The core components of our programs are:

  1. Community - A safe social environment to interact in a supportive community is key to combating loneliness and building motivation.

  2. Fitness - Physical fitness contributes hugely to overall wellness by releasing endorphins, improving health, and expanding lifespan.

  3. Mental/emotional well-being - Mental well-being is a contributor to overall wellness, and we strive to achieve mental well-being in our programs.

  4. Growth - We are on your journey. Define your goals and we will do all we can to help you reach them.

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Ms. Vickie Aigner has really helped me and my community through health awareness coaching. In our community, Vickie has awakened a culture that is not used to thinking about their health and is inspiring people to improve their lifestyles to really make a difference in the quality of life.

People usually don’t think about their health until they have a problem. Vickie has helped us to think about it and work on our health so that we are less likely to have a problem. She has been a great blessing to us all.
— Kerry C. - Peach Springs, AZ