six ways to update your craft cart

6 ways to update your craft cart for the holidays

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It’s the most wonderful time of the year!

The holidays really are magical and they are a great time to DIY things, either joyful decorations or fun gifts to give. We love getting crafty and using simple materials to make beautiful pieces.

Whether making greeting cards, tree ornaments, or little gifts to share, your residents will appreciate some fun new things to do for the season!

We know you are already busy enough planning the holiday party, so we have found some awesome holiday crafts for you to share with your residents!

Read on for 6 inexpensive items that can be added to your craft carts and lots of creative ways to use each one. You and your residents are sure to love these festive ideas!

tissue paper poinsettias by doodlecraftblog

1. Tissue Paper

Tissue paper is a great versatile addition and so easy to find, especially this time of year. You can buy it in bulk for next to nothing and enjoy using it with your residents year-round!

Poinsettias are such a symbol of Christmas, but not everyone can enjoy fresh flowers. So why not make some using tissue paper? They call for hot glue, but you could easily swap out a tacky glue instead.

Click HERE to see 20 DIY Tissue Paper Christmas Crafts that the folks at Salvage Sister & Mister have put together.

cupcake liner tree garland by funcraftskids

2. Cupcake Liners

This one is a little unexpected, but there are so many things you can do with cupcake liners other than baking in them!

My favorite is the cupcake liner Christmas tree garland. All it takes is cupcake liners and a little glue. Liners with pretty patterns make this decorative garland extra special.

Have all of your residents contribute by making trees to string together, or make their individual trees into ornaments or holiday cards.

Click HERE to see what other ideas Easy Peasy and Fun has for your cupcake liners!

personalized popsicle stick sled ornament by thingstoshareandremember

3. Popsicle Sticks

While the best way to use a popsicle stick is to enjoy a frozen treat, there are plenty other ways they can be put to use. Plus you can buy them in bulk at craft stores or online and have plenty for all of your crafts.

These personalized sled ornaments can be made and decorated by your residents. Then add the residents’ pictures to hang on a tree in the common area, or add pictures of loved ones for residents to keep in their rooms.

Click HERE to see 20 Christmas popsicle stick craft ideas by Crafty Morning!

pipe cleaner candy cane by craftandcreativity

4. Pipe Cleaners

You’ve gotta love pipe cleaners for crafting. They are easy to use and require very little supervision, but the results come out stunning every time!

These twisted pipe cleaner candy canes are a favorite! They look so sweet – without the added sugar. You can go for a classic red and white look, or, for an extra layer of fun, add colors or even glittery pipe cleaners to the mix.

Click HERE to see all the ways Shelterness suggests you use pipe cleaners as holiday decor!

mini stocking cap ornaments by themakeyourownzone

5. Yarn

Yarn might be a familiar material to some of your residents. Why not show them something different? It can be used in many unique ways aside from knitting or crocheting.

These mini stocking cap ornaments, for example, are a cute little decoration that really only requires you to tie some yarn around a piece of toilet paper tube. They can be hung on trees or set on top of small figurines to dress them up and get everyone into the holiday spirit.

Click HERE to check out 40+ ideas for easy Christmas yarn crafts by Don’t Be Such a Square!


6. Buttons

Buttons are often overlooked as a crafting material, but combined with a few other goodies, you can make some pretty neat things.

This button snowflake, for example, uses buttons and the popsicle sticks we mentioned before. Use a little glue to hold it all together and you’ve got a cute shabby chic decoration.

Click HERE to see what other things Fab Art DIY suggests you make with buttons!

We hope that these ideas will help make your holiday crafting a little less stressful! Comment below and let us know which you think your residents will be most excited about!

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