4 easy moves to improve mind-body connection

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Today we’re talking about moving patterns and the mind-body connection.

When we constantly do the same exercises, our bodies become accustomed to them and that becomes our new normal. Once a movement becomes a habit, we could do it subconsciously, meaning we aren’t challenging our brain any longer. But, by adding new moves or patterns into your workouts that require you to coordinate multiple body parts, our brain has to work harder to help us complete the movement, helping to strengthen our brain and memory muscles!

Here are some of my favorite patterns that target the total body – plus an extra one for balance! Give them a try and see how you like it! Watch the video below to see a demo of these moves.

Pattern #1 – Side Step Squats

1. Assume your basic squat position – Feet shoulder width apart, core, glutes, legs engaged, chest lifted.
2. Squat making sure knees do not go out past your toes – inhale down exhale up.
3. Now take one leg out to the side, shifting weight to that leg. Squat and on the rise, step back to your beginning position.
4. Repeat on the other side.
*Keep this move slow and controlled.

Pattern #2 – Push Pull on 3 Plains

1. Sitting up tall in a chair, engage core, glutes and legs for stability, feet slightly wider than hips. You can do this standing, but I find you can be more stable in a chair.
2. With or without the weights, you will push one arm up, across your body and slowly pull it back.
3. Alternate arms – keep core engaged!
4. Repeat the move but straight out across the mid section of the body.
5. Now, you will stay on the same side for this final piece.
6. Press down to opposite foot, twist and push up high to the other side.
7. Continue on this side for the number of reps you wish to do then switch sides.

Pattern #3 – Biceps, Shoulders & Triceps

1. Standing with a neutral spine, engage core, glutes and legs, feet hip width apart. You may also do this in a chair, of course everything engaged and feet wider than hips for stability.
2. Arms at the side, with or without weights, curl up. At the top of the move, rotate palms forward and lift arms into a shoulder press.
3. Now lower arms and when your palms are at shoulder height, turn them in to face the body and press your lower arms back into a tricep kickback.
4. Repeat.

Pattern #4 – Balance Bonus – One-legged Squat

1. Stand with feet shoulder width apart, engage core, glutes and legs, chest lifted.
2. Shift your weight to the leg next to the chair.
3. Pick up the other leg and keep the toe gently touching the floor or raise it slightly.
4. Squat and repeat on the same leg.
5. Make sure to keep a slight bend in the knee of the standing leg.
6. Repeat.

Try adding one or two of these movement patterns to your daily routine and let me know how you like them!

Do you notice that you have to think more than usual? If so, that’s the point!

Leave me your questions and feedback in the comments below!

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