10 easy holiday activities your residents will love

10 easy holiday activities your residents will love

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Ho, ho, ho! Happy holidays!

We absolutely love the holiday season but it can be stressful with so much to do. We know how busy you are and that you already have your hands full, so we are here to help lighten your load!

Read on for 10 simple holiday activities that your residents are sure to love!

1. FREE Thanksgiving Trivia

Join us on Wednesday, November 24 as Jerry guides us through all the interesting facts and myths about Thanksgiving through his fabulous virtual trivia. Simply join the event and let us lead your residents in this fun activity while you catch up on paperwork (or enjoy a much-needed breather)!

Click HERE to reserve your spot at Free Thanksgiving Trivia!

2. Countdown to Christmas

This is a fun, interactive activity that will get your residents involved every day until Christmas! It can be done collectively, or each resident can have their own tree to decorate.

Simply make a printable Christmas tree advent calendar with ornaments to color and add to your tree each day.

Click HERE to find the free printable at The Craft Train along with other advent calendar ideas.

3. Virtual tour of Budapest’s Christmas Markets

For decades, the Budapest Advent and Christmas Market has been the highlight of the Advent season in Hungary’s capital city. In fact, the markets are often considered among the most beautiful holiday markets in all of Europe, attracting hundreds of thousands of visitors every year!

Join us on Wednesday, December 3 as local tour guide, Zsuzsi, takes your residents through some of Budapest’s most famous Christmas markets to discover traditional holiday foods, crafts, and traditions on this live virtual tour.

Click HERE to reserve your spot on this live virtual tour!

4. Decorate Christmas Cookies

Everyone loves a sweet treat, especially around the holidays! Bake up a few batches of your favorite sugar cookies – or for an easier version of this activity, buy some pre-baked cookies from your local bakery.

Gather your residents to have a cookie decorating event with lots of fun sprinkle options. You can find everything from colored sugars to snowflake shapes to candy cane pieces!

After decorating, have your residents package up the cookies with these FREE printable gift tags from Country Hill Cottage. They can deliver some of the decorated sugar cookies to those who are in their rooms. Or take room-bound guests their own cookie decorating kit so they can enjoy the fun too!

5. FREE DIY Spa Gifts Workshop

Join Jill, an essential oil expert, on Wednesday, December 8 as she teaches your residents how to make some simple holiday gifts in this live virtual workshop! They will get to make a few different indulgent spa gifts including soothing bath salts and decadent sugar scrub.

These will make great little gifts for family and friends (or maybe just for themselves)! Some supplies are needed – see event page for details.

Click HERE to reserve your spot for this live holiday workshop!

6. Twelve Days of Christmas Scavenger Hunt

This is a fun idea to get your residents moving around! Purchase an item that represents each day for the 12 days leading up to Christmas – an ornament, for instance. On each day leading up to Christmas, hide one item in common areas around the facility.

Whoever finds the item can bring it to you and win the trinket to keep, or they can secretly tell you where it is so the fun can continue for others. Finders could go into a drawing at the end where they can win a special grand prize!

7. Virtual tour: The Origins of Christmas in Rome

Did you know that even before Christ was born, Romans were already holding celebrations during our modern Christmas time?

Romans did celebrate their own Christmas! Although the celebrations were dedicated to other gods, there are many similarities and traditions that still live up to today – including big friendly banquets and giving gifts!

Join us on Friday, December 17 as local tour guide and Roman history expert, Francesca, shares the origins of Christmas and how they still influence our current traditions in this live virtual tour.

Click HERE to reserve your spot for this live virtual tour!

8. Christmas Carol Karaoke

Plan a caroling night – karaoke style! Play some classic Christmas carols and invite your residents to sing along. Even just hearing the music is sure to bring more holiday cheer to the entire group!

Christmas Songs and Carols – Love to Sing has a ton of karaoke-style Christmas carols with the words right on the screen. You can pick and choose your songs or pick a pre-made mix of songs. They even have lyrics sheets you can download.

9. FREE Virtual Holiday Line Dance Party

Join Vickie on Monday, December 20 for this fun & festive virtual Holiday Line Dance Party. We will move to some of our favorite tunes of the season, including Holly Jolly Christmas, Jingle Bells, Let It Snow, and more!

Don’t forget the Santa hats or for all your residents! This class can be done standing or supported and is perfect for all levels.

Click HERE to reserve your spot for this free class!

10. Christmas Movie Bingo

Invite your residents to a movie night with a twist! Pick a Christmas movie to watch – a tried-and-true classic like It’s A Wonderful Life or a more recent film like Polar Express.

When your residents are settled in and ready to watch, give each of them a bingo card (and extra popcorn to use as markers). As they see things from their board in the movie, they cover that space on their card. Winners can receive a prize of your choice.

Check out Crazy Little Projects blog for the FREE printable bingo boards, plus some more Christmas movie night ideas!

We hope that these simple ideas will help make your holidays a little easier! Comment below and let us know which you are most excited to share with your residents!

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